Botanical Heart
Limited Edition of five (5) Numbered and signed.
Kinetic Matrix Series 1.0 - 9.0
Get out your 3D glasses! This series is an artistic interpretation of the evolution of cardiac regeneration. The first 3 images are based on cardiac CT views. The remaining 6 images were created by combining anatomical markers from the first three base images, resulting in symmetrical, alien designs of the human heart. The inspiration of this series was twofold. 1) Science fiction which is now coming to fruition in this age of advancing medical technology, research and innovation. 2) New advancements in stem cell therapy for cardiac regeneration including the “ghost heart”, which is a heart scrubbed clean of all cells, leaving a protein scaffold on which to build a new human heart. These artworks are 3D anaglyph images, which should be viewed through red/cyan 3D glasses for full 3D effect. When viewed through 3D glasses, the hearts appear to be alien space ships floating in space.
I’d just as soon kiss a Wookie
A tribute to Carrie Fisher. Single Edition, Hand Embellished Digital Collage
Love Yourself
Love Yourself ... Be Super Bad I love to do my thing, I don't need, no one else Sometimes I feels so nice, good god I jump back, I wanna kiss myself ~ James Brown Limited print run of five (5) each.
A human head, layer by layer, disintegrating under the pressures of the three forms of suffering. 1. Suffering of suffering: birth, old age, sickness, death, coming across what is not desirable. 2. Suffering of change: not being able to hold on to what is desirable; not getting what we want. 3. All-pervasive suffering: general misery
Warmth of Attraction & Agony of Loss
The dichotomy of emotions and sensations you feel in your chest when you feel love or loss. This is my attempt to portray those feelings visually. Fire and warmth vs ice and cold. Limited edition print run of five (5).
What you talking bout Willis
The Circle of Willis Limited print run of five (5)
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Having a positive outlook and emotional resilience through stressful periods are key to a higher quality of life and to keep the negative effects of stress on our health to a minimum. A trio of laughing skulls. Limited print run of five (5).
Limited print run of 20. Signed and numbered.
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